About Wigan Pi Online

Hello, Im Stuart Parr and this website was set up to help other like minded enthusiasts get set up in the world of adsb, mlat and virtual radar.

I had to spend hours to search the internet and facebook groups to broaden my own freely available knowledge and experiences and thought id combine this information all in one place to this one website.

All credits will be given to the appropriate people where applicable. If i miss you please don’t be afraid to ask me to give tribute to you.

All the information i have gained is freely available on the internet or was contributed by friends at 360 Radar/Low flying wales which is a totally independent tracking group set up by Philip Lee whose expertise and advice comes second to none. He truly is an inspiration to the tracking community.

We was formally named http://www.wiganpi.online but just down to costs of domain renewal we rebranded has https://www.wiganpi.co.uk

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