How to Feed ADS-B Exchange from Virtual Radar Server

If you are a user of Virtual Radar Server ( below is the simple process to share your traffic with the ADS-B Exchange community:

  • Go to “Tools -> Options” and add a merged feed that contains all of your receivers (if you don’t already have one).  If you have only one receiver, you can ignore this step.
  • Click on “Rebroadcast Servers” and click the green “+” symbol to add a rebroadcast server
  • For “Name” enter something descriptive like “ADS-B Exchange”
  • For “Receiver” Choose your merged feed created in Step 1, or the name of your receiver. It may just be “receiver”.
  • For “Format” Choose “Compressed VRS”
  • Check the “Push Feed” box
  • For “Address” enter “” (without quotes)
  • Port – Set to 41000
  • Passphrase – leave blank
  • Max Message Age – leave at 3 seconds
  • Send keep-alive packets – do not check
  • Idle timeout – 900 seconds recommended

Below is a screenshot of how it should look when finished.  Just click “OK” and you’re done.  Check the global radar page for your traffic!VRS-Screen

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