Feed Data From ADSBexchange to Virtual Radar Server

If you have virtual radar server on a local pc/laptop then you can receive data from adsb exchange.

In virtual radar server create a new receiver and give it a name for instance adsb exchange.

Next set the format needs setting to JSON.

Untick push receiver.

Next ad the Address which is pub-vrs.adsbexchange.com

Set the Port Number to 32001 (we can change the port number to change the update delay)

Live Data via TCP Connection

To retrieve Live data via a TCP connection, connect to pub-vrs.adsbexchange.com on port 32001, or one of the ports below for a slower update rate. The 1 second update rate requires 1.5 – 2 mbps of bandwidth during busy times.

  • Port 32001 – 1 second updates (realtime)
  • Port 32005 – 5 second updates
  • Port 32010 – 10 second updates
  • Port 32015 – 15 second updates
  • Port 32030 – 30 second updates

Untick send keep alive packets.

Save and Exit.

Thats it, you are now able to receive data from adsb exchange to your virtual radar server install. To view the feed just select the adsb exchange receiver from the options menu.


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