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360Radar ADSB Uploader Update Instructions  

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Updating to the latest version 1.0.16 of the 360Radar ADSB Uploader is easy.

  • Stop the existing process with Ctrl-C
  • Download the file below
  • Open the zip file and extract the contents to the directory where the old version resides
  • Double click adsbfilter.bat to restart the process
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit file): (15 downloads) Windows XP / Windows 2000 (32-bit file): (4 downloads) Changes in version 1.0.16

    • Fixed bug which stopped Receiver process restarting in certain situations
    • Improved screen formating for users of Kinetic SBS units
    • When no aircraft uploaded, adsb-server map would show -1.  Now fixed

    Changes in version 1.0.15

    • Fixed bug that caused SBS to appear to be disconnecting every 5 seconds when it wasn’t
    • Improved detection of BaseStation disconnects for both local and remote instances
    • All exceptions can now be logged to a log file
    • Log file name and path no longer hard coded
    • Tidied screen layout further

    Changes in version 1.0.14

    • Fixed bug in on-ground support

    Changes in version 1.0.13

    • Not released

    Changes in version 1.0.12

    • Would fail to start if –slow-update was present without –interactive

    Changes in version 1.0.11

    • Added support for BaseStation on-ground messages

    Changes in version 1.0.10

    • Fixed ugly error messages left over from debugging code

    Changes in version 1.0.9

    • Fixed bug where threads would grow out control

    Changes in version 1.0.8

    • Not released

    Changes in version 1.0.7

    • Further performance improvements
    • False detection of dropped connections fixed
    • Now checks every hour to see if a new version is available

    Changes in version 1.0.6

    • Not released

    Changes in version 1.0.5

    • Not released

    Changes in version 1.0.4

    • More efficient method of selecting aircraft to upload – reduces CPU load significantly
    • Screen update can be slowed to every 5 seconds with

      .  Reduces CPU usage

    • Detects dropped connections to ADSB source and reconnects gracefully
    • Send users local timezone and data source type in each upload

    Changes in version 1.0.3

    • Support for Kinetic SBS units.  Just use –input-type sbs
    • Main screen now shows status of connection with error code if there is a problem
    • Main screen now shows total number aircraft and number uploaded every second
    • User-entered latitude and longitudes are limited to 6 decimal places
    Posted : 23/12/2016 15:47
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    360Radar ADSB release 1.0.17

    Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (64-bit):

    360Radar-ADSB-release-1.0.17 (0 downloads)

    Posted : 23/12/2016 16:04
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