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360Radar Antenna - Philtenna  

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Here we have the details of the famous antenna made by Philip Lee of 360 radar which has been accustomed to the name of the Philtenna.

Internal / External ADS-B Antenna

Price: £19.99–£34.99

This lightweight and compact omni-directional ADSB antenna could be what you’re looking for as it’s small enough and slim enough to conceal behind a curtain or tuck into the corner of an attic but is also robust enough to mount outside.

If you’re using the standard ‘Twiglet’ aerial then this will offer a significant improvement in the number of aircraft that you can receive.

It offers approximately 5 dB of gain, has an impedance of 75 Ohms and is specifically designed to work with the DVB-T dongles that can be used with dump1090 on PC or Raspberry Pi’s.

As standard it includes 1.5 metres of cable terminating in an MCX male plug which is compatible with most DVB-T dongles.  If you need longer cable lengths (up to 20 metres) then these can be specified at the time of ordering.  If you intend to use a pre-amp in the future (such as the excellent Uputronics ADSB pre-amp) then we would recommend ordering an aerial with 1.5 metres of cable plus one of our extension kits to give you the cable length that you need.  You’ll also need two SMA to F-type adapters.

It’s fully assembled and ready to fit and comes complete with mounting clips so that it can be screwed to any vertical surface.

Length: 1.06 meters

Weight: 0.30 kg

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Posted : 01/01/2018 10:28
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