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How to change port number in Virtual Radar Server on a RaspberryPi  

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If you have dump1090 running it virtual radar server ill fail to start after installation. It will throw up errors has dump 1090 and virtual radar server both use port 8080.

To fix this hall we need to do is change the port virtual radar server uses. To do this simply you need to ftp(attached below) or manually create a file to the  directory:


Inside the directory create a file called :


or ftp the attached file to the directory above:

InstallerConfiguration.xml (7 downloads)

Open the file with a text editor such has notepad and add the text:


Now save the file and send the file back via ftp it back to the the above directory.

This will change virtual radar server from port 8080 to 8081.

Now simply restart virtual radar server under mono:

mono bin/VirtualRadar.exe -nogui

Then to open the server go to

That should be it, now your up and running.

Posted : 23/12/2016 14:21
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