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How to install Virtual Radar Server on a Raspberry Pi  

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For my install i already had mono installed but if you don't you can follow the tutorial here. I had the noobs Raspbian operating system on my pi3.

I presume you already have wget installed but if not issue the command:
[cc lang="bash"]sudo apt-get install wget[/cc]

We are going to wget to download the server, the web admin plugin and the Mono 4 configuration file (I'm assuming that you'll need it, you probably will). The address here is for the release version of the web admin plugin and the Mono 4 config file:

[cc lang="bash"]wget
This will create a bin folder within the current folder and then decompress everything into it. Make sure that you don't already have a bin folder that you care about in the current folder before running this (or don't use the rm and mkdir lines):
[cc lang="bash"]rm -rf bin[/cc]
[cc lang="bash"]mkdir -p bintar xvf VirtualRadar.tar.gz -C bin
tar xvf VirtualRadar.exe.config.tar.gz -C bin
tar xvf VirtualRadar.WebAdminPlugin.tar.gz -C bin[/cc]
On the first run you will need to create an admin user and password so that you can get into web admin:

[cc lang="bash"]mono bin/VirtualRadar.exe -nogui -createadmin:admin -password:password[/cc]

Then go to , user admin, password is password you entered above, and configure away.

For second and subsequent runs do:
[cc lang="bash"]mono bin/VirtualRadar.exe -nogui[/cc]
The important thing is not to run the GUI because the build of Mono for the Pi crashes when it tries to draw text boxes.

Regarding dump1090 -  dump1090 exposes a Beast / AVR feed on port 30002, so on your new RPI2 you should set the receiver up to point to the address of the other Pi, port 30002, feed format Beast / AVR. I think in principle that should work.

Error due to dump1090 using port 8080

If you have dump1090 running it will cause vrs not to start and throw up errors has dump 1090 and vrs both use port 8080. There is a simple fix by just changing the port virtual radar server uses. To do this simply you need to ftp(attached below) or manually create a file to the  directory:

[cc lang="bash"]/home/pi/.local/share/VirtualRadar/[/cc]

Create a file called :


[download id="126"]

Open the file with a text editor such has notepad and add the text below, you may change the port number to whatever you chose but i chose 8081 for simplicity:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<InstallerSettings xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

Now save the file and ftp it back to the the above directory. This will change virtual radar server from port 8080 to 8081.

Now simply restart virtual radar server under mono:

[cc lang="bash"]mono bin/VirtualRadar.exe -nogui[/cc]

Then go to

That should be it, now your up and running.

Read the full article on the blog.

Posted : 09/10/2018 22:10
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