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[Sticky] How To Create A Splat (Receiver Range Plot)  

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How To Create A Splat aka receiver range plot

Firstly we will presume dump1090 is up and running and connected to your pi, windows computer etc . Open virtual radar server preferably your already upgraded to the latest version , following the next steps you can create your splat effect with ease:~


Open tools as shown here, go to the bottom and open here, add your home location using long and latt.
Don’t forget to name your location also.

Once you have added these your receiver the location will appear in the left hand side column, now click the test connection, a box will appear saying a connection can be made using these settings.


Now click OK on the dialogue box then click OK at the bottom of the screen on the front page, now click on the drop box that says show local address, select show network address, then click on the address underneath that box. A new web page will open showing your ip address and then the map will open:~ 

The VRS page is what you should be seeing with no splat in effect. Now we click on the MENU button which opens a dialogue then click OPTIONS. Here we select the option to USE GPS Location and SHOW CURRENT LOCATION as you’ll find the location is in Windsor, once this is done select the  MAP tab and change the colours to which ever you prefer:~

Once you’ve done that close this box and open the menu tab again and click on the receiver range button you should see :~

Click and select all your altitudes and your splat effect will appear for you like this :~

As your running and receiving aircraft your splat will increase more hope this helps you all.

Unsure whose work to credit this tutorial too but thank you. Was a guide picked up on facebook and edited by myself Stuart Parr.

Posted : 28/12/2017 11:49
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