How To Feed WiganPI Radar From Your Own Virtual Radar Server Install

If you are a user of Virtual Radar Server ( below is the simple process to share your traffic with our own free vrs server:

  • Go to “Tools -> Options” and add a merged feed that contains all of your receivers (if you don’t already have one). If you have only one receiver, you can ignore this step.
  • Click on “Rebroadcast Servers” and click the green “+” symbol to add a rebroadcast server
  • For “Name” enter something descriptive like “WiganPI Radar”
  • For “Receiver” Choose your merged feed created in Step 1, or the name of your receiver. It may just be “receiver”.
  • For “Format” Choose either “Basestation” or “Basestation+MLAT”
  • Check the “Push Feed” box
  • For “Address” enter “” (without quotes)
  • Port – Set to 41000
  • Passphrase – leave blank
  • Max Message Age – leave at 3 seconds
  • Send keep-alive packets – do not check
  • Idle timeout – 900 seconds recommended

Below is a screenshot of how it should look when finished. Just click “OK” and you’re done. Check the global radar page for your traffic!

If you need any help or support in setting this up then please join our discussion forum and create a new thread following the link below :

You can also find the blog link below:~

If you would like to contribute to the free feed from the raspberry pi or a Linux machine see the tutorial below:~

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