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So has a keen amateur aircraft enthusiast and a 360 radar fanboy i decided to see if i could get my feed available online. There is little documentation on installing virtual radar on centos servers and a task ive tried to do in the past but failed.  But i like a challenge. So my first task was to create a sub-domain to host the VRS files, so i created https://radar.wiganpi.co.uk.

I could go round the houses and describe pitfalls but ill just post the success story and what was needed to overcome them.

A little background on my current setup is i have a raspberry pi 3 running raspbian. On this i installed the adsb receiver project has introduced here. Then i installed the 360 radar mlat client. I would urge you to contribute to this fantastic project and follow this tutorial here (i try my best to keep this updated) has composed by the infamous Philip Lee of 360 radar.

I  have a local install of virtual radar server on my windows laptop. This receives the data via beast format from my raspberry pi. I set up a rebroadcast server on my windows VRS install to send to a VRS server installed on my web-hosting server.

To get mono and vrs working on centos i had to install the Linux preview version of vrs server and web admin plugin plus screen(ill come to later). I just downloaded, decompressed and uploaded to the vrs preview to radar.wiganpi.co.uk.

Has i have a hosting web server i already had screen installed. If not simply

yum install screen

I had previously uploaded vrs preview to my /home/vrs directory. I simply logged into my server via putty. Switched directory to /home/vrs (the directory i uploaded vrs preview too.) Has its not local i had to install the webadmin plugin which was uploaded to /home/vrs/Plugins folder.

Then run the command

mono VirtualRadar.exe -nogui -createAdmin:admin -password:password


Obviously changed the username and password after the :  to my own desired login. This created the user and password. I found to access the web admin plugin i had to create a file. I configured the Web Admin plugin for open access by creating a file named PluginsConfiguration.txt in the location below:~


(By default the web admin plugin is configured to block all access unless it’s from the local loop-back or a LAN address.) Advice taken from VRS Forums. We want to access this from our website.

The code below to open access to the admin panel.


In putty we change directory to:~

cd /home/vrs/

Then run the command which allows vrs to run has a background service.:~

screen mono VirtualRadar.exe -nogui

I then had to setup a location for the website vrs install and then a receiver which allowed access which connected to my local vrs on my laptop.

This is by no means a full tutorial just an insight into my setup.

Below is a link to our own virtual radar server feed and website.



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